There's something about Mary...

No really, there is!

14 January 1980
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Just the facts, ma'am:
-Upstate NY
-LVT (licensed veterinary technician)
-I work in the corporate veterinary world but still have the heart of a vet tech.

Loves: My job, running, hiking, letterboxing, running, snowboarding, paleontology (and dragging rocks and fossils home every chance I get), Super Mario 3 on Nintendo NES, running, good novels with happy endings, movies that make me laugh, people that make me laugh even more, sassy cats, did I mention running?

My own sassy cat, Trixie:

Hates: traffic, broccoli/tuna fish/bananas (the devil's trifecta), people who don't pay attention to where they're walking, dust, dogs that try to eat me, my student loans

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